Michigan Elk Hunting of Ludington, MI offers bow, muzzle loader, and rifle hunters with guided bull elk hunts and prized trophy deer with the largest antlers / horns in the USA.Bob Northrup's Michigan Elk Hunting - Where the bull elk's bugle resonates within your soul!

Hi. I'm Bob Northrup of Ludington, Michigan. Thank you for visiting my Michigan Elk Hunting website. I would like to invite you to West Michigan on a guided ranch elk hunt;  We call and stalk the rutting big bulls while you stay in our clean, comfortable cabin. We are high fence elk hunting within deer preserves (deer hunting is optional) on hundreds of acres within nature's best habitat. As I guide you on your Michigan hunt for a trophy elk bull, I guarantee that you will be pleased with the quality of our bulls.

Come and hunt elk (deer are optional) using a bow, muzzle loader, or rifle! You decide when you see the trophy bulls & bucks, and you decide to shoot or not to shoot. If you don't shoot a bull elk or buck deer on your trip, then you don't pay. I have built my elk guide business on satisfied customers, one hunter at a time. Please look over my elk & deer image galleries and see the joy from the smiles of successful deer and elk hunters. Please notice that many elk hunters have non-hunting guests to share the precious love of nature with hunting memories that last a lifetime. The ranch team will provide excellent care of your trophy elk and/or buck, as I will oversee the processing and taxidermy.  Your ranch guides will not drop the ball on your big elk and/or deer hunt trip experience!

Trophy Bull Elk - over 500 pts

2017 Trophy Bull Elk

Come and let me bugle in a huge bull elk for a lifetime elk hunting experience. Call me at 231-357-9987 or drop me an email and let's talk about your upcoming elk hunting trip.



We have 3 businesses to promote our various elk based products.

 1) Amber Elk Ranch  - We offer elk viewing wagon tours on our 130 Michigan acre ranch where you can see HUGE bull elk.  We raise our elk for breeding stock, velvet, quality meats and community education through public, private, and group tours.  Our elk viewing tour also includes a petting zoo for children where they can meet many interesting animals.
   Amber Elk Ranch is on Facebook.    

2) Black Velvet Diamond - We buy elk antlers and harvest antlers off our own big bulls to produce & sell these elk based products online: Elk Antler Dog Chews, Black Diamond Dog Health Pills, and Black Diamond Velvet 60 which are capsules to promote improved health in humans.

3) Michigan Elk Hunting - we offer both high fence elk hunts and deer hunts with guides on hunting preserves in West Michigan.


Trophy Elk Pictures

Trophy Elk Photos
Review pictures of past elk hunts in West Michigan.  We have at least 29 elk pictures in horizontal format and 82 or more elk pictures in vertical format.

Trophy Deer Pictures

Trophy Deer Photos
Review deer pictures of past hunts in West Michigan.  We have at least 23 deer pictures in horizontal format and 14 or more deer pictures in vertical format. These hunters generally first killed a bull elk, and then chose to extend their hunt by killing a doe or buck deer.




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